Kotchaporn Nga Yin Cheung

Metal Box

Class of: 2025

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Micki Watanabe Spiller

Prompt: We were challenged to construct a carrying case to house an object we selected. We used different research methods to conceptualise our work to create context and relate it to the historical background of the design. From creating the initial orthographic projection to  nalising the design and form, we were able to explore different modes of making as well as experiment with different materials and its structures.

The object I focused on is my DSLR camera (Canon 700D) as photography plays a strong role in my life. I took inspiration from the packaging of a  lm box and applied the concept of the packaging into the design of the volumetric model. The front and top planes are intended to overlap to create a more secure closure in the front. An aluminium metal sheet was used as my main source of material to create a strong and solid external structure. The use of mainly one material, and therefore colour, allowed me to keep the design consistent and simple. To put the pieces together, I riveted the aluminium planes together to keep the exterior design clean, adhering to the overall aesthetic of my work. To create the hinges, I decided to use plastic from a binder since it is durable and could withstand wear and not fall apart after being opened and closed countless times. This container is created to not only house this one object but also other objects that could  t into the box. The practicality of this metal box allows it to be used in different ways by various people.