Felicia Hertada


Class of: 2027

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Sherry Bittle

Prompt: Soundscape-Sagittarius A (2 minutes) Create a 2 minute soundscape with manipulated and abstracted sounds that feed your imagination and represent the sounds of deep space. Animate an object that is traveling from the black hole at the center of our universe, and add a background image that explores the depth of field you are representing. Pace and rhythm in sound and image are primary in this assignment. What is the sound that is coming from the blackhole at the center our universe? Are the sounds of space coming from the blackhole itself, or the object hurdling through space to earth? Is this first contact with an alien species? How does distance and the speed of movement effect our impression of time? Foraging for Sound Collect and record sounds to be manipulated in Premiere Pro. These sounds will be transformed in program to create your interpretation of sounds from the blackhole at the center of our Universe. The mysteries of an object traveling from the blackhole will be your starting point. Are these sounds vibrations from the blackhole itself? Are they from the object (that you will sculpt) traveling to earth? Is this a new form of communication?

Black holes and the universe out there are beyond imagination and no one knows the sound out there without an intermediary medium. Influenced by the teachings of John Cage, I discovered the beauty in everyday sounds, recognizing that it all depends on perception. Therefore, I began to focus on daily life sounds and manipulate them into the mysterious sounds of outer space. In addition, I presented visuals with clay sculptures and played with inner and outer space.