Antara Chatterjee

Detangling The Eras

Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Paper

Faculty: Angeline Gragasin

Prompt: We were asked to create a book in relation to a previous project, where we had recreated an image from our childhood.

I decided to create a book related to hair because for my previous project I had recreated an image of me cutting my own hair and welcoming a new era of creative liberty. Similarly I wanted to make a book with different hairstyles from different eras. Each hairstyle from its respective era held immense significance and was seen as revolutionary even. The book not only contains visuals but text to dive deep into their historical significance. The white patches were hollowed out once I printed the book and thus once the viewer opened it, it had the same face for each hairstyle which I drew digitally at the end. It not only created a fun illusion but was symbolic of me trying on these various hairstyles and once again payed homage the picture representative of my creative liberation.