Grace Han

Values Compass

Class of: 2027

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Mixed Media: Print, Illustration, Paper

Faculty: Matthew Lopez Jensen and Leia Carter

Prompt: Create a deck of 52 cards.

This deck of cards is a handcrafted deck of 104 creative cards designed for players to discover through interaction with art and creative writing practices, what their core values, identities, aspirations, and personalities are. It wishes to give guidance and reflection, or be used as educational material with artistic flair, showcasing from game and action, the importance of knowing who we are and acting not only from mere self interest but from passion of life and the future, of the world and those around us.

I was inspired by a book about a traveler who researched 101 countries and what their 101 values are. 52 cards present these unique values mined from global perspectives, and 52 transparent cards showcase abstract, intuitive designs and drawings. Abstract forms and shapes transcend cultural boundaries, and can be enjoyed universally. I thought of the human action associated in the pursuit of a value, and with least words possible, manifested images in a continual, rhythmic way. Players first interact and pick illustrations, which pivot upon one’s instinctual and visual inclinations, or emotional intelligence. They then find the matching value from the manual, such as ‘Endurance’ or ‘Happiness’ and reflect, have discussions with fellow players, or journal about their choices. Playing continues until one ends up with a set of values which speak to them the most.

This skewed slightly from the original prompt of the assignment which was closer to a deck of Tarot cards. I ventured through the process and gained a lot of creative freedom and ideas as we explored disciplines in the world of cards/print during our studio classes. I am grateful for this project, to have navigated and experiment around the school in my first year, and also to express myself and my ideas.