Luana Pangaio Da Silva

Body Image & Fashion

Class of: 2027

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Magazine

Faculty: Cheon Pyo Lee

Prompt: In Studio and Seminar, we will work in groups to examine ways we can work collaboratively and collectively to make new realities. Concepts of working in teams, alternative economies, and subcultures will be explored, and individual roles and workloads will be determined as part of the creative process. In Studio, your group will research and create individual and collective works of art and design for a new Small Press, Magazine, or Artist Collective. Each group will work together to create the group identity, and individuals will create their own project contribution for publication/exhibition. In the Seminar, your group will create a passionate mission statement/manifesto for the collective or publication, a short annotated bibliography demonstrating your individual and collective research.

A magazine on the topic of body image issues in the Fashion industry. It contains a collage, an interview, and an article written by me.