Hui Lin Li

The Inherited Tool

Class of: 2023

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Video and object

Faculty: Jamie Kruse

Prompt: This project was to create a Long Life Design and make something I am interested in that can last for 10 years or more and repairable.

My initial thought for this assignment is to make something based on my culture. Chopsticks is a tool my family and I will use everyday, and it is a good representation of my culture, therefore I was quickly inspired by the pair of chopsticks I was holding in my hand. I chose to make my pair of chopsticks out of wood because I think wood is more sustainable than other common materials, such as metal and plastic. Wood is more repairable in the future and more natural. I also created a chopstick finial at the end of the chopstick printing my Chinese name on it implicating “luck”. Though, It is my first time doing woodwork so I don’t have any woodwork tools I can access to. Thus, I found a woodshed where I can make a pair of chopsticks. It was an unique experience, learning how to function the machines and learned to distinguish the types of woods. I chose black walnut wood as my material because I liked the colour better and it has a benefit of improving heart health. Since the prompt of the assignment is to make applying olive oil to the chopsticks on a regular basis. Soaking up the oil will work as water repellant and prevent it from cracking easily. Finally, I hope this resiliency object I made can be inherited to my next generation so that it can be proved to be a Long Life Design.