Iryna Baran

Tarot Healing Crystals

Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Multiple media (epoxy resin, acrylic paint, printed illustrations, gold flakes)

Faculty: Bryan Melillo

Prompt: For this project, I was required to create a sacred/contemplative space or object through research. I decided to make an object that is connected to my chosen class theme of unconsciousness and healing.

Nowadays, a lot of people and especially my peers, are concentrated on materialistic things. They are driven and motivated to succeed. That is by no means bad, but it creates a lack of attention towards spiritual health, state of mind, and inner calmness. Due to external triggers such as social media, school, family/friends arguments, it is easy to get overwhelmed, and when all those problems add up, they may lead to issues like stress, depression, etc. That is why I decided to make 22 tarot major arcana crystals with healing properties and bits of advice to help someone start their spiritual healing journey or support the existing one. After the research that I’ve done, I found the links between crystals and chakras, attached each card to the crystal, and looked at how each crystal can boost healing. That inspired me to take the cards onto a new level, something more physical and closer to a person. I used epoxy resin mixed with acrylic paint and poured over the printed illustration in a crystal-like shape. That added 3- dimensionality and the organic form, which makes the interaction authentic. The tarot healing crystals can work as a tool that helps heal the inside. Together with other practices like meditation, they can calm your mind and heal your chakras and prevent someone from getting overwhelmed in a busy world.