Isabelle Lewis

Robots Fight!

Class of: 2023

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Carol Peligian

Prompt: To create a project that incorporates Light and Sound, and focuses on inhabiting a community.

This project is an animated video representing my community of childhood friends. In my video, I have combined childhood toys and drawings with animations done in Photoshop. The community I chose to represent was the community I grew up in, specifically a group of friends I attended elementary school with. As a group, we would play ‘robots’ a game we made up inspired by movies we watched, specifically Star Wars and Terminator. In this video, I included drawings of these robots I did, as well as my RC car controllers and Star Wars Lego. I then animated over these drawings and toys, mimicking the scribble like drawings I did when I was a kid, as well as creating animated portraits of me along with my two other friends, Freya and Toby from elementary school.