Jade Warren

Value Judgement Diptych: Marshmallows and Tomatoes

Class of: 2022

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Charcoal and graphite on paper

Faculty: Susan Stillman

Prompt: The assignment was to make two tonal drawings with a high value contrast, using any combination of charcoal and graphite media.

For my Value Judgement Diptych, I drew an image of marshmallows and tomatoes based off of two close up photographs that I took. I picked these compositions because of the high value contrast between the two images. I also chose these compositions because the negative space created between the marshmallows mirrored the shape of the stem of the tomatoes, connecting the two images together. To draw the tomatoes, I used both vine charcoal and compressed charcoal in order to achieve the very dark values. For the marshmallows I mainly used vine charcoal because the values were all very light. To blend the charcoal and create a smooth layer, I used a small cotton rag and to create areas of light, I used a kneaded eraser.