Anna Scola


Class of: 2022

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Paper collage

Faculty: Gyun Hur

Prompt: 1. Create a self-portrait using tracing paper of different angles of your face to experiment with lines and contours. 2. Posterizing a photo of someone you know, create five variations of the portrait by experimenting with silhouettes and shapes.

For the self-portrait I explored the conceptual potential of tracing paper and layers of contour lines. I’ve always though that the self-portrait can reveal the most vulnerable sides of a person, even with a neutral expression. I wanted to convey a sense of disarray that happens within the mind. In the sanctuary of the mind, many conversations take place. Often these are invisible to the outside world. People create a facade of neutrality to protect their inner turmoil. The eyes often fail to conceal what is on the inside. It is a jarring visual to have your own eyes in repetition staring simultaneously within the mind, but also as if guarding their fortress.

For this part of the project, I decided to take a more experimental approach rather than conceptual. Each piece uses a different medium and stenciling approach. I chose a photo of my brother with a much more expressive expression compared to my self-portrait. As such, I  nd the most successful pieces were the ones that created contrasts in the form, whether it was with color or line. This created a dynamism within the composition that was more expressive–dramatic and playful—realign of my brothers persona.