Jean Teyavongsak


Class of: 2023

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture and research paper

Faculty: Yana Dimitrova (Studio) and Carrie Neal (Seminar)

Prompt: Based on your findings from the previous ‘Bridge’ project or Seminar research, produce an art/design work stemming from a design thinking strategies or speculative design approaches.

Integrative Studio

Integrative Seminar

Diamond- a chunk of solid carbon, yet such a small stone holds such tremendous market and emotional value in our society. The perceptions of diamonds as a symbol of eternal love and an indicator of financial prosperity have formed over the years, as marketers and brands have drilled these ideas into our consciousness. Notwithstanding the industry efforts channeled into glorifying the gem, acquiring diamonds is not without sacrifice. I created this piece to expose that dual nature.

The shape of the center object is influenced by the highly reflective and faceted form of a diamond. This sculpture is fully made of paper to question diamonds’ perceived value. I also envisioned this piece being exhibited in a broader space where the paper sculpture serves as an architectural piece, suspended between walls so that people can interact with all elements, including the two designs underneath which double as benches.