Hadassah Aristide

Fashion & Age

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital illustration and paper

Faculty: Scherezade Garcia-Vazquez (Studio) and Krista Johansson (Seminar)

Prompt: The assignment was to redefine a time, event, or topic of the 21st century, and design a collection and an Op-Ed piece that revolved around that time, event, or topic.

My project discusses the concept of “Dressing One’s Age” , in which there is a categorization of clothing according to age, which only becomes stricter as one ages, particularly for women. In my Op-Ed piece and fashion illustration, I illuminate my own opinion on the topic in that the idea of “Dress Your Age” is constricting, does not allow for the continued pursuit of personal style, as one does not “age” out of clothing, but rather has evolved from it in their own personal tastes. I wrote a piece on society’s part in this “clothing categorization” and designed a collection targeted at older women.