Jenna Vasquez

A Walk Through Time

Class of: 2027

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Mixed Media

Faculty: Barbara Friedman

Prompt: The assignment prompt was to design a tunnel book that visually depicts our personal journey throughout the semester/year.

In this tunnel book, I delve into my journey during my first year at Parsons, and the personal transformations I’ve experienced. Throughout this period, I engaged in deep self-reflection, gaining profound insights into my core values. Consistently, my thoughts returned to the themes of home, nature, and their significance to me. It was only after moving to the bustling streets of NYC that I realized the depth of my affection for the suburbs. Growing up surrounded by nature, I have always felt a strong connection to the earth, a sentiment I wanted to convey in this tunnel book. I used my own cat as a representation of myself, positioning the cut-out to explore deeper into a forest, guided by a bright light. To me, this light symbolizes the promise of a bright future, even as I navigate a new and unfamiliar world. The nature elements in the book reflect my home, and I aimed to share that feeling of belonging and warmth with my viewers. Through this visual narrative, I hope to evoke the comfort and connection that nature and home provide for me. Additionally, I included an envelope containing a letter to my future self, tying into the themes of selfreflection and the passage of time. This letter captures my current thoughts, hopes, and dreams, serving as a personal time capsule that underscores the ongoing journey of growth and change. By integrating this element, I highlight the continuous nature of self-discovery and the enduring impact of my experiences at Parsons.