Grace Han

Model Home

Class of: 2027

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Combination of multiple media: wood, paper, acrylic, paint

Faculty: Aaron Krach

Prompt: Create a model of your dream apartment, with a limit of 25 x 20 ft space.

This project is a straightforward expression of what my ‘home’ would be like. It maximizes a 28 x 17ft floor plan for a unique, serene, open space that feels as if it can be infinitely multiplied; Parts of the model include QR codes with recordings of what each section of the space would sound like, and photography and art by artists like Edward Hopper – “isolation and banal situations in American society”, and pixelblocked birds that express my hopes and desires inside this liminal space. The model, while presenting a model of a space-saving and efficient NYC apartment, also obscures the idea of a ‘dream’ apartment through an artistic expression of my idea of the messiness, the imagery, and the metaphors of private homes in urban cities.