Jenni Ang

one tap away

Class of: 2023

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Digital illustration

Faculty: Audra Wolowiec

Prompt: This project is in response to our new realities, we will be shifting the focus to allow current place and circumstance to emerge and inspire our processes. We will utilize the diversity of locations and experiences to respond to the theme of Distance, through asking this question: from a distance, what do we notice? This final project will ask you to creatively develop your findings in an individual "chapter" that will be combined into one digital publication, to be printed as an online publication.

This project led us to consider our new realities and experiences amidst the pandemic, whilst urging us to contemplate our own interpretations of the word ‘distance’. For my chapter of this digital publication, I decided to focus on the distance that could be felt through the internet. Despite being able to stay connected through the use of technology, there were constant reminders of the physical distance between myself and those I was trying to connect with, particularly as I am an international student. The distance was felt through the constant struggles of trying to communicate through time differences, technical difficulties, and the lack of meaningful face-to-face interactions we have had to endure so far in these uncertain times. I decided to create some simple illustrations which detail personal experiences as well as those of my friends, which hopefully resonate with many others. The details which allude to the concept of ‘distance’ are subtly referenced throughout the pages, which represent some of the familiar applications many use every day.