Jennie (Min Heong) Hong

Sites of Memory

Class of: 2023

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Video (animation)

Faculty: Catherine Teale

Prompt: This assignment is to make a memorial related to a specific location that I choose.

This memorial is for the Korean Independence Movement and I planned to display it in Anguk Station, South Korea.

Anguk station was a center of the Korean Independence Movement on March 1st, 1919. Due to the history of the location, there are many memorials to commemorate sacrificed Korean Activists in the station, showing their names and pictures. As both Koreans and foreigners visit this station for Korean traditional culture, I wanted to make a more visual memorial to attract people’s attention because history is hard to learn, so visual work can remain in a person’s memory more than just words.

In Korea, it is common for many fans of a celebrity to celebrate their star’s birthday by putting the poster on the screen in the subway station. So, I chose the screen as a medium to show my memorial, and I chose 400*225 cm, a popular size. I put an animation like a short advertisement and play it repeatedly.

At first, I made brief storyboards to determine the order. However, some of the scenes are way too complicated, so I changed them concisely to understand them easier.

I used many symbols on the animation to show the brief process of the Independence Movement in Korea. Three times of “Long Live Korean Independence” signifies Koreans’ will. So, I stamped three pairs of hand-shaped brushes, corresponding to our flag “Taegeukgi.” And then the circle in the middle of the flag turns. This implies Koreans’ unity like being in gear when cogwheels perfectly match one another: harmony. And finally, I waved all hands to commemorate Korean Independence as they waved our flag in 1919.