Jennifer Chung

Golden Hope

Class of: 2026

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Digital illustration, acrylic paint

Faculty: Camilo Godoy

Prompt: For Bridge 2, make a 2D project that appropriates images from your archive made for Bridge 1.

The topic of my Bridge 1 archive was nature, which was supposed to be a metaphor for my childhood memories and identity, so I was initially thinking of making a project that centered around childhood. However, I also wanted to create something symbolic and was attracted to the Japanese term kintsugi—the act of fixing broken pottery with gold, symbolizing the embrace of one’s flaws. I wanted to implement some aspects of gold into my project, which I decided to use as a symbol of hope. The idea that I had in mind was a woman’s head rising out of a tulip, crying tears of gold. The tears are falling upward, manifesting into a bird (specifically, a dove), which stands on a branch and tilts down toward the woman, seemingly offering her consolation. I wanted this idea to be a statement on finding hope after a period of misery/suffering.