Jessalyn Handojo


Class of: 2026

Major: Interior Design BFA

Medium: Threads, mixed media

Faculty: Charlotte Schulz

Prompt: This assignment required us to create a soft sculpture which embodies our memories and experiences of life.

I made a woolen bag inspired by Judith Scott filled with items from my home country Indonesia, including a soap container, medicine, Indonesian noodles, chili sauce, and a Catholic cross. I carefully wrapped each item, as Judith Scott does, and left the composition disorganised to evoke the feeling of disarray that comes with moving to a new country and the desire to bring everything that reminds you of home with you. Judith Scott frequently makes her designs to take the shape of objects (birds for example), so I did the same. To represent the comfort of keeping items that remind you of home, I made my soft sculpture appear to be a soft cloud. To emphasize the cloudlike structure and the weather in Indonesia, I added beads in the shape of raindrops which hang down from the bottom of the bag. The way the bag closes was also influenced by the work of Judith Scott, whose pieces appeared to be just threads wound together from the outside but revealed numerous items inside when put under an x-ray.