Jessica Tan


Class of: 2022

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Elizabeth Harney

Prompt: Based off of a previous 24 hour sound project — in which we were asked to record sound for 2 minutes of each hour for every hour of the day (and edit it into a sequence) — in this project, Fast Time, Slow Time, No Time, we were asked to use Adobe Premiere to create a video composition to accompany the sound, while including either stop motion, slow motion, or time lapse.

This piece, titled Fragment, is based off of the cyclical nature of thought and memory. Fascinated by the differences in peoples’ abilities to process their senses (whether that be what they observe, hear, taste, smell, or touch), in this piece, I wanted to capitalise on the difference found between memory/thought and the current surrounding world. Throughout one day, certain thoughts, feelings, emotions, or memories may fade in and out of consciousness; as such, certain imagery in the video is clearer than others, and certain clips repeat more than others. Further, while some memories feel rich in detail, others are just snippets — in this video, I represent this phenomena by the length of clips, as well as the speed (for example, slow motion or time lapse). As a result, though Fragment serves as a recollection of my own thoughts, memories, and experiences, the viewer too also forms a bond to the video; to different people, certain clips may stand out more than others, while other clips may fade into the back of one’s memory.