Kirsten Konishi


Class of: 2022

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: John Roach

Prompt: In this assignment we followed the process of creating a film, from creating storyboards to shooting and editing. For the initial idea, we were to draft everyday, common actions and combine them in way that was elevated and out of the ordinary.

I intended for this story of a person seeing their drawings come to life to be a representation of delirium, how working too much or not sleeping enough can affect one’s sense of reality. The protagonist invents this character in their mind as a subconscious sense of personal annoyance at looming responsibilities. However, the plot of this video can be open to any personal interpretation. This piece allowed me to exercise creativity in mediums that I was previously unfamiliar with, allowing me to understand my working process and artistic practice in a new way. It was my first time filming and editing video footage with Adobe Audition, as well as my first time attempting any form of animation. I added an element of 2D, hand-drawn animation because I wanted to bring the ordinary actions out of reality and into a more fantastical realm.