Jingya Hu

See & Hide

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Plastic, strings, building blocks

Faculty: Natalia Zubko

Prompt: This project asked us to use at least one of the four collapsible structures we learned to construct a wearable piece that is able to open and close.

Concept: I was always told that being mature means people have to hide their real emotions and “act like an adult to show your politeness”. Growing in such a society that a lot of people can never freely express their happiness and sadness makes us hard to really understand each other. I always feel disconnected because of it for isolating ourselves from others. To illustrate this phenomenon in this piece, I design a mask-like wearable installation. People that never show their real emotion are like wearing masks. I extract the action of mouth up and down to symbolize happiness and sadness respectively and use the radian of strings to represent them.