Sarah Clinch


Class of: 2024

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: A combination of multiple media

Faculty: Charlotte Schulz

Prompt: We were to choose an artist and adopt them as a creative mentor while also executing a series of works through the eyes of our creative.

This collage series was inspired by brilliant Hannah Höch, a feminist German dadaist artist who specialized in collage work. Each piece has elements that deconstruct feminine and masculine identities, societal norms, American government, and other earthly mysteries. I collected a few magazines and cut out images I found interesting; from there, I copy-and-pasted together some of my favorite photographs. I didn’t conceptualize a certain theme to the piece until I eventually glued them down onto paper. I used natural pigment made from coffee grounds to give the paper a vintage look. There are also elements of watercolor and other collected materials throughout my compositions. I completed extensive research of Höch’s life for my Seminar project, so I developed a deep understanding of how her mind worked. Hours and hours of reading quotes and diving into difficult events she encountered helped me to compose illustrations through the perception of the great Höch. Ultimately, I wanted to leave some speculation to the viewer; they decide what to perceive of the piece.