Jingyi Hong

Rooted in the Center of the World

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: decorative film and LED lights

Faculty: Kimberly Tate

Prompt: Make a portable device/structure/object that helps you negotiate (MODIFY) a relationship with your site partner that expands the physical possibilities of YES engagement for your body into non-pedestrian modes of inhabiting that environment.

My site partner is the stairs in Times Square at midnight. Before I went there, I imagined Times Square would be very quiet with very few people. However, when I went there for the first time, it was as crowded as it was in the morning, which made me realize that this was the center of the world. It was good that there were still many people there late at night so that I felt safe. However, it is annoying that many random people tried to talk with me while I was standing and walking there. As a result of this experience, I made it so my project allows me to feel alone while I am rooted in the stairs in Times Square. This headpiece reflects the LED screen lights from various directions. At the same time, it creates a floral inner world contrasting with the modern center. During the process, I realized that it was hard to breathe inside without the holes, which is certainly a NO for me. Thus, I hand carved patterns of geometric leaves on half of the faces, which is a shape that connects the natural inner world and the industrial outer space. With the openings, it is so much easier to breathe and becomes a YES for me. It is also a big YES for me that people cannot easily see my face from outside, and the piece helps to block some of the outside noises.