Jiwoo Baik

Manhattan Vernacular

Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Paper, Chipboard, and Wire

Faculty: Charles Goldman

Prompt: For this project, I had to go on a walk to find an object that was commonly seen on the streets. Once an object was chosen, I had to draw and build a model out of chipboard and wire.

I chose electric scooters as my object for this project. This object was a great match for this project because electric scooters were commonly found on the streets in Korea and were easily accessible by using an app. Once the object was chosen, I had to draw a map of my walk that I went on to find the object in its natural habitat. The next step was a painting of the object. Before building the models, an orthographic and isometric drawing of the object had to be done. The chipboard model was made to deepen and provide the general idea of how electric scooters were put together. The final part of this project was to make the wire model including the details. The wire model was made out of three different types of wires, each with its own purpose.