Lucy Mauries


Class of: 2025

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture from mirror

Faculty: Robert Hickman

Prompt: Create a design for your own geometric sculpture and build it out of cardboard or preferably a more interesting material. Then, of course, document it in orthographic and isometric drawings.

I started this project with a paper model of five little triangles together to make a pentagonal pyramid. I carefully measured those little equilateral triangles and then figured out how I needed to mark it on the mirror. I had found a discarded and broken mirror outside of the building and was determined to give it a new life. Despite risking the bad luck I then cut and broke the mirror into the little equilateral triangles and got a giant pile of them (not without a little bloodshed). I taped them into the pentagonal pyramid shapes and laid them out on a giant piece of foam core. The literal glue holding the piece together is tile grout, I piped it like frosting around all of the little pyramids and then in the gaps between, which I then filled by doing a sort of mosaic with broken bits of mirror. I went around the whole thing with an Olfa knife and then grouted all of the edges and smoothed them with the knife. To finish the whole thing off, I polished all of its edges and pieces to give them a nice little sparkle! I really am so proud of this piece, it was way over what was required for the assignment but it ended up being more of a personal project just because I wasn’t doing it to fulfill a grade or turn in for homework. There is a part of me that feels like I worked this hard for nothing because it really doesn’t matter in the scope of my class. The thing that does matter though, is that I had a vision, got really passionate about it, and worked like hell to see it through, and I am really proud of how it turned out.