Juliet Wang


Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Drawing Paper, Tracing Paper, Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Color Pencil, Threads

Faculty: Jonah Groeneboer

Prompt: How does a book’s physicality (or digital presence) effect the pace at which one “reads” it. How does layout and amount of text and images effect the speed of the encounter. How can you slow down or speed up the reader / viewer. Using InDesign, we will layout the content of your project, you can create a pdf or print it out to make a physical book. With this project you can also push the limits of what a book is. It can be sculptural, made of fabric, disassembled and dispersed. With this project think about how readers/viewers will interact with your book in time.

Books, printed media unfold in time. With this project I pushed the limits of what a book is.

I started the making process drawing lines that are used to document the story line in the story from an abstract linear perspective, I wish the viewers can feel the flow of storytelling while their eyes follow the lines.

The intricate and tangled lines also reflect my feelings when reading to a certain extent. When I am younger I used to experience some reading difficulties, reading used to be anxiety-inducing for me. Therefore on the opposite side of the line I express my feelings and emotions about reading. I still choose color as the main media to carry and express my sensations while reading and the idea of working with words.

Unwrap the pink ribbon, slowly unfold the fragile paper panel by panel, like opening a gift, slowly enter the world of a book with the flow of lines:

In the parts where color alternates and overlaps with black and white lines, it’s like I turn my own thoughts and apprehensions into colors to interact or annotate with the flowing words.

Using lines as a thread for the whole piece has a healing effect. I allowed myself to recall the struggles of my previous reading and to reflect them on paper in lines and colors.

The process of disassembling this piece is not easy. The whole package is relatively fragile, and the openers need to carefully unfold every crease, delicately pinching the tracing paper to prevent them from tearing. This process is like slowly peel off the layers of my memories to accompany me through this journey. Every new panel opens to see new colors and lines, and I get an indescribable sense of satisfaction when the entire piece is fully unfolded.