Katy Liu

"Sound Escape"

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Joseph Ayers

Prompt: Soundscape: Using premiere pro to compose a 2min audio (mp3) along with the visual narrative to illustrate the "sound". Sound is often described as a wave: an invisible vibration that has a wide range of amplitudes and frequencies.

This soundscape project, developed using generated audio and video narrative, aims to portray the concept of dread and the illusions that fear creates, while also making people realise that fear may come from our inner selves rather than our external surroundings. The visual story began on a rainy day with an unknown entity following “you” in both first and third person perspectives: a scene illustrating to the audience noticing the keyboard used to imply in reality everything was in a video game. By concluding the film with a game over effect, we may reinforce the theme of illusions and fantasies.