Jung Yun Doh

The Objects they Keep: Journey on my Bike

Class of: 2024

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Photoshop

Faculty: Barbara A. Friedman

Prompt: The main aim of this bridge project was to create a narrative that can be told in five frames. There was no limit to how I tell the story, the narrative point of view, the scale, layout, and medium were all up to me. The initial intention was to choose an object that has significant meaning to me and use that object within the five-frame narrative. I am the kind go person who finds it hard to part with my belongings, so this assignment was both easy and di  cult for me at the same time. Since I had a lot of options to choose from but I later realized that having too many options made it very difficult to chose my object for the five frames. There were several objects that came into my mind, for instance, my camera, my sketchbook, my bicycle, and my doll. However, I wanted to portray and share an adventurous event that I have had throughout my childhood throughout the five frames. Therefore, I decided to choose my bicycle as my object.

The object of my five-frame story is my bicycle. The final storyline of my five frames is that I fell of riding my bike and as a result, one of my teeth got dented with a small crack at the bottom, which made me end up at the dentist. The frames are based on an actual event that has happened to me when I was young, I wanted to present one of the bad memories I had with my bike since I wanted to convey the message that I not only had happy moments with my bike. Furthermore, I wanted to present the frames with no or a minimum amount of words possible since the drawings have a lot of various dynamics.