Juri Yoneda

Flower district

Class of: 2022

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital with hand drawing after printed

Faculty: Marc Lepson

Prompt: Create a two-dimensional piece inspired by a space in New York.

We were required to create an artwork using both digital ways and hand drawing skills. I was inspired by flower district, a place I didn’t know existed. I went there and was very curious about what it was like next to this store or that store. One store could be a normal flower shop but the one next door could be so tropical that we forget that it is winter. I was inspired by that curiosity when I was there so I created the transparency between different layers of photos. I wanted to show the overwhelmedness I feel when I was at this place and how the color could feel too much yet it is how New York is like in my mind. The transparency and overlaying effect help show how everything is spontaneous and the next moment it could change. I wanted to show the unsureness, spontaneity, and also the excitement this place.