Kai Deng

Find the Left-Behind Box

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Pop-up Books, Multi Media Installation, Video

Faculty: Michael Tong, Amy Stoker and Lauren Petty

Prompt: a paper-made pop-up book. a multi-media installation in a room.


A lot of them.

I left with a lot of boxes, which are usually called luggage in this situation.

And I am now living with a lot of boxes too: Phone, Pad, computers, windows, cabinet, paper boxes, our Parsons material kit.

Especially it is New York here: countless little organized square holes on the wall, endless skyscrapers that hold the square holes (which are usually called windows), and the blocks that contain all the skyscrapers.

They even produce more paper food boxes since they always use these single times things.

Why do people prefer boxes so much?

They are effective, organized, straightforward, and sorted, The most basic and intuitive shape and space in today human’s life.

They are common, cold, regular, geographic, artificial, with no emotion, at the same time.

I am totally boxed here.

Whether it is chosen by myself or subconsciously.

I can not feel what I feel. Am I happy? Or anxious? Or panic, angry, sad, nervous?

I can’t really tell.

But I am okay with that. Emotion is a thing that usually drags you back. I need full speed to learn as much as I can to respond to all the efforts I made and my family made to send me here……