Kassia Zheng

Symmetry - Balance

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: A combination of multiple media

Faculty: Adrienne Reynolds

Prompt: When I recorded 20 observations in my studio class, I found that many things are symmetrical, such as architecture, furniture, art, and plants. Then, I created a survey, and one of my friends said that if we are not symmetrical, it will be difficult for us to be accepted by society. Another friend told me, although people look symmetrical. If you look closely, you will always find a left hand larger than your right hand, or an ear larger than your left ear. What she means is that people can't be perfect. They were both right, so I started thinking, well, How to make people feel comfortable without being completely symmetrical?Holding this starting point, I began my work, and I decided to make clothes. After I finished the cloth, my teacher and I created this dance piece named Symmetry- Balance together

Many movements in this dance are symmetrical, and some are not. I want to express my thought that symmetry not only means that the two sides are the same but also means balance, visual coordination, and so on. In the beginning, my clothes were made to be symmetrical. When I took them down and put them on me, it was difficult to change back to the original symmetrical appearance. I can make sure that the two thick X-shapes are on my chest, but the other lines are confusing. Although they look different, they are balanced because they have the same weight on the left and right sides, and they are visually full. Also, this dress is like a person, and it can’t be entirely right. If you want to enlarge the shortcomings of a person, you will find that it is not 100% the same. So that’s why although my clothes don’t look completely symmetrical, I also call them balanced.