Kassia Zheng

Project 1

Class of: 2023

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: A combination of multiple media

Faculty: Sam Bennett

Prompt: This project is to let us find an object around us, and then come to understand the structure of this thing in real sense, and every detail. Finally, we will use our development to create an same object with different materials.


The assignment starts with finding something what we use or we like in our daily life. I like to collect blind boxes, so I want to make my special one. I thought it was easy at first, but I found later that it was not that simple. Although the plasticine is very soft and can be pinched at will, it is not very three-dimensional and has always been soft and slumped. So next I decided to use clay, this material can become three-dimensional after drying. But the disadvantage of this material is that it dries very fast. Even if it is placed in a plastic box that is not breathable, as long as it has been exposed to air, it will not be so good. So when you decide to pinch, you should pinch the perfect shape. Regarding the issue of materials, I only saw PVC under the feet of toys, but PVC is particularly extensive. I still do n’t know enough about studying on the Internet. Next, I plan to contact the designer. I want to know about his work. Fortunately, I contacted him through Weibo. He also explained that these toys have abrasive tools. When they pour the materials, the machine will automatically complete the assembly line. Since I don’t have a machine to use PVC, I plan to use my clay honestly. Clay is also soft after all, and the waist of the first experiment was not straight. I tried to add a toothpick later, and the second one finally got up. After some tests and experiments, I finished my work.