Katy Liu


Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Charcoal and Graphite on Paper

Faculty: Nathan Sensel

Prompt: TWO Large Gridded Portraits, The large drawings measure 36”x36” and are copied accurately from 2 smaller drawings using a gridding system. The drawings reflect an understanding of the idea of “pictorial space”: defining a realistic scene, then employing elements, materials, and motions to emphasize the process – creating a bridge between conceptual art and realism.

For this large portrait project, I opted to utilise a photograph of my roommate as a reference to produce two independent yet opposing pictures. I intend to stick with the still-life style drawing for the first sketch to replicate most of the elements and background site from the original photo. In contrast, for the second drawing, I utilised the first sketch as a reference photo rather than the real photo. Then I chose a more expressive and abstracted form, which was also inspired by Pablo Picasso’s abstract/cubism approach. The mood in this second picture reflects my impression of my roommate as well as my own free-hand sketching technique.