Katy Liu

Path Project "9am - 3am"

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Watercolor, Ink, Marker on Paper

Faculty: Nathan Sensel

Prompt: Take a Walk Illustrate a walk through the city. Choose any path you wish, perhaps one you take every day or choose a whole new path. Include as many details that will help tell a story about that walk.

A typical day at Parsons school of design, I walked passed blick, got some art supplies and went to soho for shopping with my friends. We stopped by bite to grab a quick lunch but the line was so long. We bought so much and came back to kerrey hall to drop our stuff, while walking pass by union square, we saw the good luck spot. After resting for an hour we ubered to brooklyn for this rave party at an abandoned building. It was crazy, the music was loud, we loved the graffitis there and we took a train back home at 2am. It was late but we decided to go to Ray’s candy store for fried oreos, and that was my day.