Kejia Caroline Zheng


Class of: 2023

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Spray Paints on Canvas (18*18 inch)

Faculty: Katherina Lanfranco

Prompt: Create a series of 5 abstract paintings. Make a theme and variation. Free to choose the surface, medium, technique, and compositions.

In the project, which focuses on abstract art, I made a series of abstract paintings themed in friendship. Friendship has always been a vital part of my life, and all of my best friends’ birthdays are in November, which thus I would like to name the series of abstraction paintings as “Gifts in November,” in which each of the paintings represents one of my friends. And I did send the paintings to my friends after finishing them as gifts. I applied spray paints for the works, which the size of each canvas is 18*18. This is my first time trying spray paints on canvas, which thus there are spaces leaving for myself to improve and explore.