Kelly Su

Soul Tracking

Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Graphite

Faculty: Tamer Hassan

Prompt: Choose a particular object, substance or place to use in your own "ritual". You will perform this ritual every day for the next 10 days. This should be something that you don't already do every day - it should be a new ritual you invent for these 10 days. When designing this ritual, give yourself enough time to find stillness and for traces of the past to surface.

Graphite drawings depicting my emotions, memories, and sensations over the span of ten days. Instead of using a physical, tangible object as the subject of my new “daily rituals,” I chose to use my emotions, sensations, and experiences, which I dubbed my “soul.” I have never used a mood tracker or anything of the sort, so I wanted to document the fluctuations and changes of my “soul” in the sequence of ten days, which the project required me to do. The mystical, organic, strange shapes and patterns on each page is intentional: it should evoke a sort of curious feeling that is a bit ambiguous—as all emotions are. I chose to leave space for wonder as the audience flips through the pages; the interpretation of emotions is up to them, but I have written down my experience on translucent paper and stuck it to the pages. Considering this is a mood tracker, something intimate and similar to a diary or journal, I drew all of this in my personal sketchbook. Not using professional paper and other professional materials is necessary—this has to be humble, something that feels accessible. My process of putting my “soul” to paper was fully intuitive—I had no inspiration or moodboards to reference, just the way I interpreted my feelings and sensations, as well as how I experienced the memories of these ten days. That is why the “soul tracker” is interpretative: someone else may experience my pages differently than I did. Where I feel sorrow or discomfort, others may see it as joy or peace; after all, how everyone experiences the world differs greatly, and every individual’s “soul” is ever-changing.