Xizi Zhou


Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Painting

Faculty: Kori Shavit

Prompt: Based on your writing assignment, create a two-dimensional time map, a work of art that is a visual translation that represent your documentation of actions. In this project consider how your own internal sense of time can be measured, mapped, and represented. How will you create a visual form from a linear sequence of events or actions that follow each other in time? How will the actions of your life merge into a visual form? How will you represent linear time? how do you visually flow time? How will you imply linearity? will it be a linear graph or a sequence or sequences of geometric or abstract shapes? what will your shapes represent? Will there be a sense of repetition and rhythm? How will you translate these notions? Will there be a sense of development or change? How does an event or activity change when it is repeated? How do you document this change? Is it through drawing? photographic images? Collage? text work?

For my work 1, two pieces are pink background. The left piece expresses the painful process that I wake up every morning or probably even noon. The green geometric shape is my bed. My bed sheet is green. The bed sheet is what I have used in school since junior high school, full of memories for me. I really love my bed, because bed is warm and comfortable, and love me forever. For the right pieces, I used watercolor and markers to paint. I like the evolution of Chinese characters. I can feel the flow of time.

For my work 2, there are four small parts. For the blue-background three, I was inspired by Monet. He painted the same things at different times. So I looked at the cube under the window at different times. The last cube is empty because in different weather and light, the cube has different colors and shadows, so I connect in mind that it’s transparent. For the orange one, I really love the motion when my cat sneeze. I sketched her abstract.