Kiara Li


Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Digital Work: Procreate, Micron Fineliner, Acrylic Paintings, Sketch Paper, Tracing Paper

Faculty: Gigi Polo

Prompt: Bridge Project 1 in Studio students explore their identities through the creation of an alter-ego. The alter ego can also serve as a means of self-expression and self-exploration. By adopting a different persona, we can explore different aspects of ourselves and better understand our own motivations, desires, and goals.

Before commencing this project, we delved into the concept of an alter ego in class. Among the various reasons and functions that describe the formation of an alter ego, I am particularly fascinated by the idea that an alter ego can help evade insurmountable problems in reality, allowing us to explore different approaches to confront and solve these issues through an alternative personality.

As I reflect on my past, I remember being an extremely socially anxious individual, apprehensive about engaging with strangers. However, during my junior high school years, I created an online account for chatting and sharing daily experiences. Within that virtual persona, I portrayed myself as more optimistic and cheerful than I was in real life. Through this online identity, I connected with numerous netizens, some of whom later became friends in my offline reality. Their encouragement propelled me towards greater extroversion in my actual life. I find this phenomenon intriguing.

In many instances, like myself, individuals often present a different side of themselves online compared to their real-life personas. The alter ego created in this manner may very well embody the person we aspire to be in our day-to-day lives. It allows us to undertake actions that we might hesitate to pursue otherwise. Simultaneously, this virtual account is influenced to a certain extent by a series of events that transpire in our actual lives, thus remaining intertwined with our memories and experiences.

I believe that an avatar created in digital realm, possessing multifaceted qualities and encapsulating our memories and diverse visions of ourselves, is highly appropriate to make in this project.