Kiara Li

Fiona's Odyssey: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Air-Hardening Modeling Clay, Acrylic Paintings, Acrylic Paper, Tracing Paper, Printed Paper, Masking Tape, Glue Sticks

Faculty: Gigi Polo

Prompt: PEER TO PEER; Bridge 2: Navigating the Social: In pairs, students interview one another to understand their partner’s social identity when migrating to a new place. Students create an object around their partner’s alter-ego developed on Bridge 1. How would these two objects, when sharing a space, interact with one another in the real-unreal world? In physical and virtual worlds?

In the studio focused on expressing classmates’ personalities through artwork, I embarked on a project involving two distinct artistic outputs based on my classmate Fiona. The first, a zine titled “From the Start,” revolves around Fiona’s alter-ego, a symbolic representation of her journey to break free from societal labels and discover her undefined soul. This abstract portrayal is captured in the pages of a zine, allowing for a dynamic presentation that mirrors the evolving state of mind.

The second artwork stems from an interview with Fiona, revealing her introverted nature and the emotional toll social interactions take on her. Despite her outward cheerfulness, Fiona finds solace and rejuvenation in moments of solitude or engaging in relaxing activities with close friends. Inspired by her fondness for logic puzzle games, I decided to translate this experience into a board game, encapsulating the dynamics of gaining and expending energy during social interactions.

To bridge the seemingly unrelated zine and board game, I identified the common theme of Fiona’s struggle with societal expectations and her journey towards authenticity. Both artworks depict Fiona’s transformation from feeling confined and weary under societal labels to embracing her true self with freedom and confidence. To visually connect the two, I introduced clay sculptures representing two versions of Fiona—one confined and one liberated. These clay works serve a dual purpose, seamlessly integrating into the zine and acting as playing pieces on the board game.

Through these interconnected artworks, I aim to portray Fiona’s profound story, highlighting the complexity of her personality, the struggles she faces, and the empowering journey towards self-discovery.