Kiara Li

Parsons Perspectives

Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Adobe Illustrator

Faculty: Emily Waters

Prompt: This project requires students to integrate the previously learned techniques of drawing perspective in Illustrator and utilizing color combinations. The task is to create an illustration in Illustrator that combines a self-portrait with the Parsons building. In addition to perspective and color, we are also expected to consider the refinement of composition and the use of gestalt in the creative process.

In this artwork, I established a perspective grid in the main subject of the image, portraying the iconic Parsons main building. Beyond this, I selected two scenes, one from the interior and one from the exterior of the building, and used block colors to seamlessly merge these three distinct perspectives. To guide the viewer’s gaze, I positioned the figure representing myself from different angles, forming a triangle around the central building. Simultaneously, gestalt is employed through negative space, featuring a cat and clouds.

I am pleased with this piece as it encompasses all the Illustrator skills I acquired in this course. Furthermore, it symbolizes my new life at Parsons. Similar to the various self-portraits placed in different settings, I navigate happily between my dorm and classrooms, anticipating exciting events each day. The focal point of the composition is a cat crafted from the glass of the Parsons building, and I am delighted that both my professor and peers like it.