Krystal Lu

Create A Room: A Quiet Space

Class of: 2026

Major: Interior Design BFA

Medium: Audio (mp3)

Faculty: John Roach

Prompt: Create A Room Project is an introduction to the representation of space using stereo sound. It requires creating the experience of a particular room for the listener. The goal is to begin to think about how you can create the illusion of a real environment using sound production tools.

The room I envisage is a small space with a rather calm and tranquil atmosphere, being a flat situated in a suburban area. The entrance features a sliding door and a carpeted porch, leading into a small round table with newspapers and notes, and a window on each side of the house. Despite the room being slightly detached from the external surroundings, the sound of rain and the dampness of the environment can be felt indoors. The audio mainly depicts the characters walking from the sound of rain and children playing outside into the quietness of the room, and the thought process of writing action. This project allowed me to explore sound as art and language for the first time. Not only was I able to learn the software properly and professionally, but I also experienced how cool the space created by sound is. I started to realize that there is still a lot of ‘room’ for sound – it can be hidden and moved, reshaped and transformed. And I wanted to further explore these rooms.