Vrinda Gupta

How to Get Rights: An Ultimate Guide for Plants

Class of: 2026

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Color pencil on paper, laser cut chipboard

Faculty: Nora Heilmann

Prompt: We were asked to make a one minute book on an environmental issue.

We cannot imagine our lives without our rights, so why should plants? This book narrates the story of Olly, a plant struggling to fight for his rights. Storybooks are often an effective tool to teach new things to kids who are still developing their way of thinking. Through this one minute book I wanted to create an informative story that educated the reader about plants and the attention and care they deserve. To make this book, I first developed an absurd yet thought-provoking storyline about a plant that is going through legal processes to get his rights. Then I drew colourful illustrations to make it visually appealing. And to add a fun element of surprise to it, I engraved a poster on chipboard using the laser lab machines on the back of the poster. My aim was to create a subconscious impact that encourages the reader to alter their actions in order to protect nature.