Kyungna Park

Chair of Allegory

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Cardboard sculpture

Faculty: Christian Nguyen

Prompt: Fabricate a chair model by scaling isometric drawing

For this project I utilized knowledge I gained from Objects in History to create decorative illustrations on the surface of a cardboard model chair that was later photoshopped into a foam core room model. The chair was fabricated by scaling an isometric drawing cutting cardboard pieces according to that information. After assembling it I used gesso to cover up any gaps and create a surface that was resistant to liquid mediums so that I could paint on the surface. Gloss was applied once everything was done in order to protect the illustrations and create a shiny marble like surface. The illustrations tell a story of what type of person would sit on this chair. Utilizing knowledge from Objects as History, I created allegorical scenes from Classical Greek myths that displayed scenes of divine punishments. I also painted doric columns to reference the association the architectural structure has with power and authority to showcase the tyrannical character of whoever sits on this chair.