Lara Fjeldsted Asgeirsdottir

Self Sufficient

Class of: 2023

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Video, audio

Faculty: Vivian Babuts

Prompt: "Who Am I" imagine your desired future, asking yourself, what do I want? What do I long for? What are the values I want to cultivate and be able to see existing in my future world? Without any limitations, what kind of world do I want to create? Place yourself in the year 2072 and tell us how this world that you want will look by the time you reach 2072

By 2072 people start to realize that in order to save our planet and scale back our expenses we, as a community, need to become more self-sufficient. You would no longer rely on other people for every single service, and if you needed something hopefully your neighbor could help you. Our communities had become to interdependent but so disconnected. This new world would bring communities closer and halt the wheels of big industries. Everything moved to a smaller scale. People would start growing their own food, cooking their own meals, fixing their clothes instead of throwing them out. People started to make things they needed instead of running to the store. This expanded the public’s creativity. I am really drawn to this future because it is simple and fulfilling. I love taking a walk around my neighborhood on recycle day and I will pick up things I think I can upcycle or re-use. I think we are also too quick to throw things out and replacing them with something new and I would love to see a future where people fix their items before throwing them out and are able to do for themselves. I think this is what is necessary for the longevity of our planet and people will realize the simple pleasures of life when they are not focused on consuming and getting caught in the rat race.