Karis Gould

2 Years

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Joey Christiano Diaz

Prompt: Create a video about what we want the year 2072 to look like and reflect on an event in the year 2022 that influenced the future we envision.

My video “2 Years” is a depiction of what I am hoping 2072 to be like. As quarantine continues, I find myself regretting the amount of time I spent behind a screen before this all started. I can recall how often I chose texting or facetiming to catch up with friends rather than making the time to meet face to face. Now that all I am left with is digital communication I find myself filled with regret for taking advantage of the social freedom I once had. The video is set in 2072, 50 years after the vaccine for COVID was created. I chose to use my grandmother’s voice that I recorded from a phone call in order to show the difference in age, yet I am still the subject of the film. To justify this I created a world where the vaccine stopped the aging process. In this future the quarantine lasted two years, and after it was lifted everyone was so eager to return to life as normal that the future was forgotten about. I included animations in order to show other scenarios that did not happen in my version of the future. The world and its people were placed on pause. In this ideal future people realized their mistakes in communication and began actually talking in person again.