Leslie Fonseca

My Magic Paint Set

Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: A combination of multiple media, digital and paper

Faculty: Beau Rhee

Prompt: This was assigned as our final project for sustainable systems, we were to create a project based on the sustainable practices that were taught throughout the course.

Throughout the semester I became quite invested in the art of natural paint making, thus I decided to make it my focus for my final project. My intent was to create a piece that was both sustainable and educational, I knew making a single paint set was quite mundane so I took the challenge of making a children’s book to go along with it. I heavily researched the materials I needed in order to create a pigmented set of paints, each of the seven colors are made from either fruits or vegetables. As for the book illustrations, I came up with the idea of turning a documented process into a fantasy-like concept. I am quite thankful for Professor Rhee and the creative freedom she allowed.