Julee Rodgers

Fashion Figure

Class of: 2025

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Acrylic Paints

Faculty: Jeanne Marie Wasilik

Prompt: For this assignment, we were given a slideshow of photographed models. We were required to pick four models to draw and create color studies to then pick one of those for the final drawing. The final drawing was on a 14" by 17" bristol board and we were to use acrylic paints to color.

This project was a pretty straightforward assignment. We were to choose one model to then draw and color in with acrylic paints. In the class, Drawing the Figure, we were taught how to measure proportions, find the key points of the ribcage, pelvic bone, atlas bone, and the end of the cervical spine to help draw the figure. We were also taught the basics of skin tone through complementary colors. Using these skills, I picked the photo featuring Lucky Blue Smith modeling some winter clothing. The project was titled Fashion Figure, so that we could focus on the textures of the clothing that was modeled. The challenge in this assignment was depicting the textures of the chosen articles, as well as getting the correct colors. My model had a bit of fur around the neck, fuzzy socks, and I’m assuming polyester shell for the jacket and pants. I started with the dark colors first and then added the lighter colors in layers for details. Before starting the final drawing, we were required to make a smaller version of the final piece to create a color study and I think that helped the most in creating the final result.