Lily Epstein

Hidden Treasure

Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Micki Watanabe

Prompt: For the first 6 weeks, the students will be challenged to experiment with different methods of making in 3- dimensions with tools and materials focusing on the basic fundamental concepts of line, plane and volume, as well as the forces of tension and compression and movement. Students will also be introduced to ideas and methods of drawing; both free hand as well as measured mechanical drawings. Research methods will be used to conceptualize the work as well as get a historical background of design. Each community often begins with an individual. Students will bring in an object that represents their individual interests and/or culture as subject matter to design and construct a carrying case to house it, using a combination of different materials. Students will analyze the form in three different iterations: Linear, planar and volumetric studies via model making as well as orthographic drawings of the form to plan their designs.

Inspired by an iridescent vase at the Met, I created this planar sculpture to house my chosen object, a miniature treasure chest. The main body of the sculpture is made out of chipboard panels that are slotted together. The outer covering is made out of clear and iridescent acetate that connected via jump rings and thread. The casing can open up to reveal the chipboard and chest inside.