Luana Pangaio Da Silva

To Feel

Class of: 2027

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Mixed Media

Faculty: Cheon Pyo Lee

Prompt: In Seminar and Studio, we will begin by thinking about a time before coming to Parsons where you experienced a significant shift. In Studio, based on direct observation and memory, students will create a zine that combines text and images reflecting on their past and present. We’ll generate original material and then edit it to create an 8-page narrative sequence. In Seminar, students write an “affective history” of the same significant shift. This history will engage all your senses and will explore a voice/style suited to that change. In both classes, we will consider what results when you use text and images, and what results when you focus only on senses and affect and not on "reality."

Each individual page has its own sentence and piece of the story but it is meant to be experienced as a whole. All of them, when combined like a puzzle, show my partner’s eye. My narrative is mainly about pain and longing for a loved one, yet it conveys resilience and hope. I used a combination of text and image, and I wanted to make it foldable for the viewer to experience the physicality of the object. I added the lyrics from, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,” by Aerosmith as it is our song and represents exactly how this piece feels.