Luca Cyr

Pollution Overtaking the Planet

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture made of recycled fabric scraps, homemade natural pigment, thread

Faculty: Michelle Shofet

Prompt: The prompt was to choose one issue from a provided list of environmental problems and create a visual piece that demonstrated resilience in the system or industry we chose.

I chose to respond to pollution in the fashion industry. My project is a sculpture created from thrifted materials that were damaged past the point of use for their original purpose. I used these materials to make a sculptural dress that I painted with a homemade blueberry pigment. The paintings represent the beauty of nature and the various natural systems that are being wounded or destroyed by fashion pollution. I then created a fabric tube filled with fabric scraps that I have collected from past projects. I attached the tube of would-be pollutants to the dress to represent the natural world being overtaken by this man-made pollution.